“Rahiyechust, durustaurtandurust”, Kehtehain&TV kekalakaar – Saradhy
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“Rahiyechust, durustaurtandurust”, Kehtehain&TV kekalakaar



In recent times, most people have realized the importance of staying fit and following a holistic and healthy lifestyle, offering complete physical and mental well-being. On ‘National Fitness Day’, various artists from &TV share their fitness regime. These include Dabang Rajesh (Kamna Pathak) and Kate Singh (Aashna Kishore) from ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, Indresh (Ashish Kadian) from ‘Santoshi Maa SunayeVratKathayein’ and Shanti Mishra (Farhana Fatema) from ‘Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai?‘. Kamna Pathak, aka Dabang Rajesh, shares, “It took a pandemic for us to realize the importance of staying fit and healthy. On National Fitness Day, I urge everyone to adopt healthy practices of staying active and eating right. Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai! I ensure that I consume homecooked meals and eat them timely.

The idea is not to fill up your plate with too much food and eat in one go but fill up your stomach with the right food in regular intervals with smaller and balanced meals.Avoiding junk foods and switching to a vegetable-fruit diet is one of the best steps I have taken. I also practice Ashtang yoga and thoroughly enjoy my guru SuveerBalvi’s sessions.” Aashna Kishore, aka Kate Singh, shares, “Being physically fit brings positive changes to our bodies and mentally too. Especially with COVID on the rise, we must ensure our immunity is at an all-time high. The chances of one falling ill lessen when one focuses on their health and eat a well-balanced diet.My gym routine has certainly changed with the lockdown but not a complete halt as I make it a point to exercise at home. I complete a daily count of steps during my walk after dinner and enjoy early morning walks. Using the staircase instead of the lift is a change I made in my lifestyle a while back which has proven to be helpful for cardio.” Ashish Kadian, aka Indresh, shares, “Our health and well-being affect not only us but also our loved ones too. Knowing poor health could be a reason for worry for them is a big wake up call. I am always worried about my mother’s health, especially during this pandemic, and the same goes for her. To stay healthy and fit, we drink a mixture of herbs like kadha every morning to keep our immunity strong. We practice yoga every day as I want to be an expert in discipline! I aspire of attaining the kind of dedication and determination that Lord Shiva portrays through his devotion. On this National Fitness Day, gravitate and motivate your loved ones to a healthier life. Rahiyechust, durustaurtandurust!”Farhana Fatema, aka Shanti Mishra, shares, “We often turn a blind eye to our well-being with excuses of work and lack of time. A healthy mind, body and soul is the solution to a long, happy life. A combination of a proper diet and a proper exercise regime will keep you fit for ages! I am very particular about my daily intake of calories. You are what you eat, and I choose to eat healthily. Keeping fit should be seen as a privilege rather than a punishment. For me to enjoy the routine, I introduce dance during breaks as a form of exercise. Indulge in activities that suit you best and give your body enough rest as well. On National Fitness Day, I wish you all abundance of health. Stay safe and stay healthy!”



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