18-year-old Post-Covid Patient with Loss of Taste and Smell For 10 Months Successfully Treated at Wockhardt Hospitals – Saradhy
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18-year-old Post-Covid Patient with Loss of Taste and Smell For 10 Months Successfully Treated at Wockhardt Hospitals



Many post-Covid patients are visiting experts with various complications such as shortness of breath, fatigue, pneumonia, brain inflammation, seizures, lung fibrosis, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). A team headed by Dr ChandraVeer Singh successfully treated an 18-year-old woman who reported a loss of taste and smell for 10 months after getting infected with Coronavirus.


Ms. Amanjyot Kaur, 18-year, resident of Mira Road, exhibited symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, fever, in June 2020. The patient was admitted to the hospital. Took treatment at home for Covid. The patient was back on track after 20 days. To her dismay, even after testing negative for Covdi-19, she continued to experience loss of taste and smell. The patient earlier didn’t pay attention to it as she thought her senses may return in time. But, to her dismay, she was shocked when she could not taste or smell even after 10 months. The patient panicked and visited Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road wherein she received prompt treatment.


Dr. ChandraVeer Sigh Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist and Head & Neck Onco Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road said, “Many patients who test negative for Covid-19 may exhibit some or the other symptoms. This patient came with a loss of taste and smell for around 10 months. A complete loss of taste is called ageusia, which makes a person unable to detect any tastes. Temporary loss of smell or anosmia is when a person is unable to smell or recognize the smell. Loss of taste and smell occurs due to inflammation and edema of the Olfactory nerve due to Viral infection. Usually, the patient recovers in 4 weeks. Hence, the patient was prescribed a nasal spray and systemic steroids medications, Vitamin C and D, and Vitamin A, supplements Within 10 days after medication her senses of smell and taste came back. With an increasing number of covid patients, the number of post-Covid patients with loss of smell and taste increasing. Although there is no treatment for long-lasting loss of smell and taste in patients but we have treated 5 to 6 patients successfully in our hospital.


“I was aware that loss of taste and smell are the common listed symptoms of Covid-19 and the senses return in few days. But I was stressed, anxious and depressed when the senses did not return over months. Everything just tasted like sand. I would add spices to the food and even used aromatic herbs but nothing seemed to do the trick. I would constantly try to smell things, use perfumes so that I can get the fragrance, and try to smell foods. It is frustrating when people around you can smell and taste and you can’t. I thought, I permanently lost my senses. I lost interest in my daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and eating as well. I would cry alone and be restless all the time and would avoid socializing with family and friends. Do not ignore these underrated symptoms,” concluded the patient Ms. Kaur.




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