After months of lockdown, Zostel looks to rise above the rubble of inactivity, recommences operations by opening bookings – Saradhy
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After months of lockdown, Zostel looks to rise above the rubble of inactivity, recommences operations by opening bookings

After what seemed like a never-ending period of trial and insecurity, the government of India has finally given its nod for the tourism and hospitality industry to resume operations with the utmost vigilance and precaution. In this milieu, Zostel – a community-led, experience-driven the ecosystem has decided to revive its operations by restoring its customer bookings after months of inactive uncertainty. The 360-degree travel and lodging brand seek to get back on its feet while undertaking all the mandatory measures prescribed by the health authorities, especially for enterprises that are aiming to revive their business.

A socially responsible brand is exercising a slew of these counter precautions to avoid any possible threats of contamination within the hostels’ premises. The staff has been instructed to practice the utmost care and caution with all the materials and human touchpoints that customers are bound to contact. This includes sanitizing and washing of all the cooking ingredients and utensils that are used in the kitchen. There have been strict mandates for cleanliness decreed across all Zostel sites with all hostels and homes undergoing extensive cleaning and sanitation as per the methods and materials recommended by the WHO.

Due awareness and essential prudence are expected from all guests and travellers visiting their sites. They are advised to refrain from sharing food or using any common kitchen amenities. The guests have also been asked to maintain optimum social distance while dining.

The staff encourages the use of bio-degradable & disposable cutlery and if the guests use any utensils they are requested to wash them before & after usage. Travellers are suggested to be careful using the common washroom, carry their own toiletries, and refrain from sharing any items with others. All common areas are being cleaned and sanitized thrice a day, resulting in restricted timings for access. The right of admission to spaces such as the swimming pool and play areas shall be denied or given access as per the government guidelines only.

On the Social Activities front, Zostel will be hosting only those activities that permit social distancing and do not compromise anyone’s hygiene or safety. Entertainment features like Board games shall be assigned to groups upon request only and shall be sanitized after time every use. All common areas will require travellers to follow the rules of social distancing while interacting.

Free-spirited travellers who prefer journeying solo, can book a specialized dorm that has only 50% occupancy and promises ample personal space. Those travelling in groups have the option of booking an entire dorm for themselves. The largest branded hostel chain in the country encourages contactless check-ins via WhatsApp to ensure safety in a post-pandemic world. In the same light, all guests, visitors, and backpackers etc are requested to engage in cashless transactions only to prevent unwanted contact between people.

Allstaff personnel are being provided with fresh masks and gloves every day. They have also been guided to maintain the highest possible levels of self-hygiene. All team members undergo thermal scanning twice every day during their duty and have been thoroughly trained on all local and government regulations and standards for safety in hospitality. The employees have also been educated of all the new rules and policies in response to Covid-19, for queries and practice alike. The hospitality and travel brand is ensuring all measures for the health and safety of its guests and employees, both.

Commenting on this novel development, the co-founder and CEO, Zostel, Mr Dharamveer Singh Chauhan said, “While the pandemic had severely crippled businesses in the first half of the year, the hospitality and travel sector too was one of the affected segments. We welcome the government’s move to give the industry the green flag to renew operations after nearly 3 months. While bookings have already begun, I would like to drive home the fact that we at Zostel are warranting every anti-corona mandate that is prescribed by the global health fraternity to combat further contamination of the virus. I would also like to reassure all our guests and customers, old and new, that we are the best possible option if one is seeking a safe and secure home away from home.”

As the country gradually lifts the COVID-19 lockdown in watchful phases, the cautious remobilization of the sector’s industrial inertia for the post-pandemic dynamics is the best foot forward in the present predicament

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