27-Year-Old Coronavirus Positive Woman Gives Birth to Uninfected Baby Girl at Wockhardt Hospital – Saradhy
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27-Year-Old Coronavirus Positive Woman Gives Birth to Uninfected Baby Girl at Wockhardt Hospital

India is under the grip of coronavirus. The number of coronavirus cases is rising at a rapid rate. Amid lockdown, a 27-year-old coronavirus positive mother gave birth to an infected baby girl weighing 3.6 kgs on June 3, at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road. Special precautions were undertaken by the doctors to ensure that there was no contact between the mother and the baby girl. The successful delivery of this baby girl brought happiness to not only her family but the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, who took limitless efforts.

27-year-old Rashi Khanna (name changed) and 32-year-old Raahil Khanna (name changed), who is associated with an engineering firm are the residents of Mira Road and were gearing up to embrace parenthood for the first time. The couple was in home-quarantine since May 26 and was provided food by their neighbours at the doorstep. After completing 39 weeks of pregnancy, as per the protocol, though the patient was asymptomatic, she underwent a coronavirus test on May 31. On June 2, her swab turned out to be positive. Then, her husband was also asked to undergo COVID test that was negative. Unfortunately, at the midnight of June 3, there was leaking (watery discharge) owing to which the patient was immediately admitted to Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road, for caesarean delivery.

Dr Mangala Patil, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road highlighted, “This was her first pregnancy and it was a planned section. Infection control protocols were followed by us. When she was brought to the emergency room, the hospital staff checked her by wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). After which, she was taken to the operation theatre. The surgical team took additional care to ensure there was no contact between the mother and the child.”

Dr Patil added, “The delivery was successfully carried out at the baby weighing 3.6kgs was born. Immediately, the baby was isolated and shifted to the baby ward, and wasn’t allowed to breastfeed. While, the mother is in the COVID ward for the treatment, and is advised to wear a mask and take all the precautions. After 24 hours, the baby’s COVID swab was done that was negative. On the 7th day of admission, the mother’s COVID test will be done. If it turns out to be negative then both, the baby and mother will be discharged. The baby is healthy and stable.

Patient’s husband Raahil (name changed) said, “After my test turned out negative, I was still under home quarantine. My neighbours would drop the food at my doorstep. Though my wife was COVID positive, I was assured that she would be fine. And my happiness knew no bounds after my baby’s birth and she turned out to be negative. I couldn’t meet the baby or the mother. But we kept in touch via video calls. I am prepping up to welcome the mother and baby, have sanitized the house. I thank the hospital and the doctors for their limitless efforts and prompt treatment.”

Dr Mangala Patil, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Dr Brijesh Dubey who assisted her. Consultant General surgery Dr Roopa Mepani, Anaesthetist, and Dr Samir Shaikh Consultant Neonatology carried out this successful delivery.

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