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Reproductive,sexual health awareness campaign under way

In general, it will be women disorders that become main topic when we discuss Sexual & Reproductive Health. However, medical experts have asserted that men have an equal role with women in matters of sexuality and reproduction.  “It is in this context that men along women need to focus on issues related to Sexual and Reproduction” doctors say.  Especially in the case of reproductive i.e. infertility problems have been discovered in a family, the need to diagnose men with defects is now mandated along with female.

Considering the need to create awareness on men to have awareness related to sexual health on the occasion of 12th February being observed as Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness Day every year, Apollo Spectra Hospital Kondapur has organised a special awareness program in its premises.   Dr Priyank Salecha, Consultant Urologist & Andrologist and expert in male sexual disorders and infertility has participated in these awareness programs.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Priyank Salecha said that there is a need to develop a proper understanding of various issues such as marriage and contraception since the changes that occur during puberty in men. He said that on many occasions when such issues were discussed between the couple, the lack of understanding among the men was evident. He explained that the lack of understanding of these issues such as sexual dysfunction, and reproductive system deficiencies is mainly due to the lack of awareness. Further this lack of awareness is mainly attributed to the lack of training in sex related issues for men in the right ways he said.

It is observed that men are aware of the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and the methods to protect themselves by using contraceptives Dr Salecha said.  Despite having awareness it is also understood that the men are lagging behind in using them properly he explains.  According to him, this lagging is usage is mainly due to various societal norms that in turn creates lot of myths around the subject, he says.  Further he points out that due to shyness or myths in society normally men would not like to discuss about usage of condoms despite knowing about advantages when used.

Dr Priyank Salecha explained that the first visible changes in adolescence that begin in the age of 9 years in boys that begin with the development of various physiological changes that occur in the body at the age of 12 to 13 years.  He said that at this age itself boys will start developing interest on sex and by 18 they will try to be active in sex related issues.  Further one can also observe various physical, psychological changes during this period and their behavior and attitude towards girls, he said.  He also explained that after marriage men may also has to concentrate and understand issues related reproduction and issues such as intercourse etc.  In this context Dr Salecha says that a boy from his adolescence to a youth and to a male member of a family needs to have a proper understanding of sexual health.

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