Power Gummies directs Rs. 35 lakh to fight COVID-19 in the national capital – Saradhy
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Power Gummies directs Rs. 35 lakh to fight COVID-19 in the national capital

Stepping up and addressing the need of the hour, Power Gummies, the country’s fast growing nutraceutical brand, fights the good fight against COVID-19. Power Gummies is redirecting and spending Rs. 35,00,000, on initiatives that aid the community by providing medications as well as oxygen-related services in New Delhi in partnership with Phoenix Business Group.
To support and amplify their fight against the pandemic, Power Gummies, helmed by Divij Bajaj, will be forgoing the outer packaging in order to redirect funds and resources to serve the community by giving free medications to those battling COVID-19. Power Gummies has also partnered with Phoenix Business Group, to provide oxygen refilling services to leading hospitals in the national capital.
Phoenix Business Group, is tirelessly serving hospitals and the community at large with refilling services for oxygen cylinders. Power Gummies will be supporting and amplifying Phoenix Business Group and helping healthcare facilities across the city meet their oxygen requirement. Leading hospitals and healthcare facilities in New Delhi will be receiving oxygen support from Phoenix Business Group and Power Gummies. Further, Power Gummies will also be funding a vaccination drive at their headquarters for all the employees as well as their families.
Founder and CEO of Power Gummies, Divij Bajaj says, “The only way to emerge victoriously and come out on the other side of this battle, is by stepping up and doing your bit. We believe this is the time when individuals and institutions should shoulder their responsibility in mitigating the current crisis. Be it through supporting initiatives and foundations that are doing great work on the ground, or simply staying home and obeying the mandates of the curfew, we’re all in the position to do our bit to flatten the curve. I’m extremely grateful to the entire PG team for coming up with great ideas and avenues through which we could contribute to the fight & for the work done by the Phoenix Business Group thus far. We are glad to support them in providing oxygen to those who need it most. We will be sending Power Gummies to our consumers without the outer box, in order to redirect necessary funds. Instead, a note is being shared with the gummies explaining the initiative. We are together in this, this too shall pass”

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