50-Year-Old Man from Oman with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction Gets A New Way of Life – Saradhy
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50-Year-Old Man from Oman with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction Gets A New Way of Life

A team headed by Dr. Ravi Gupta, Cardiologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central successfully treated a 50-year-old man Mr. Roger Shah (name changed) from with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction, and Coronary Artery Disease. The patient underwent coronary angioplasty and internal pudendal artery angioplasty at Wockhardt Hospital. The patient has resumed his normal life, and his interpersonal relationship has also improved.

50-year-old Mr. Roger Shah from Oman had diabetes, for the last 10 years. The patient is married for 20 years and was leading a normal life with his wife and children. 3 years ago, his personal and sexual life was disturbed when he suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). This destroyed his intrapersonal relationship and would often become anxious and depressed. Owing to the stigma attached to it, he avoided discussing ED openly due to embarrassment. Meanwhile, the patient would occasionally encounter chest pain that refrained him from doing his daily chores with ease. However, the patient decided to find an appropriate solution to his problems and approached Wockhardt Hospital.

Dr. Ravi Gupta, Cardiologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, highlighted, “|This patient came to me walking complaining of chest pain and had a history of diabetes. While undergoing an angiography, he also said that he is unable to maintain an erection. It was revealed that the person has Coronary Artery Disease (fatty build-up in the arteries of the heart making them narrower and leading to a heart attack) as well as diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction. If there are any blockages in the heart or body, then there can be blockages in the artery that supplies blood to the private part.”

ED is a common problem in men who have diabetes. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection for a longer period of time while having sexual intercourse. ED occurs if your arteries are blocked, you might have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection and causes physical and psychological stress thereby taking a toll on the relationship. The causes are attributed to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, hypertension, obesity, alcohol, smoking, hormonal changes, and low testosterone levels.

Dr. Gupta said, “To achieve an erection, there need to be more than 10 times of normal blood flow gush to the private part. And this will happen only if there are no blockages in the private part. The angiography of this private part showed a 90 percent blockage in the internal pudendal artery. Hence, the patient was scheduled to undergo underwent coronary angioplasty, and internal pudendal artery angioplasty, at Wockhardt Hospital”.

He added, “Coronary angioplasty can help open clogged arteries. A tiny balloon catheter is inserted in a blocked blood vessel to help widen it, and enhance the blood flow to the ticker. Angioplasty often involves the placement of a small wire tube called stent coated with medication, for the opening of the artery and lowering its chance of narrowing again. Similarly, another procedure known as internal pudendal artery angioplasty was also carried out on him.”

This was done with an attempt to increase the blood pressure in the dorsalis penis artery and thus improve erectile function. “It is safe, feasible and leads to the sustained improvement of male erectile dysfunction with the help of a medicated stent. The procedure took 30 minutes. Thus, the blood flow to the private part increases. The person was discharged on the 3rd day after the surgery and resumed his daily life. People with diabetes may suffer from erectile dysfunction. But, remember that it is a treatable cause, and earlier, ED was 90% psychological and 10% vascular. Now, it’s vice versa.”

“After 20 years of marriage, I suffered from ED, 3 years ago. This made me anxious, depressed and took a toll on my sex life, and intrapersonal relationship. I was embarrassed, ashamed and shy, and avoided discussing it openly. This also started affecting my productivity at work. Thankfully, Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital help me overcome the problem and also help me tackle my heart disease. It is the need of the hour to discuss erectile dysfunction and manage it at the right time. discuss IT with your partner or family, and this will strengthen your bond and improve your relationship,” Mr. Roger Shah, the patient from Oman.

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