Over 100 Aster DM Healthcare Doctors from GCC to provide free tele-consultation services to Covid-19 patients & caregivers in India – Saradhy
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Over 100 Aster DM Healthcare Doctors from GCC to provide free tele-consultation services to Covid-19 patients & caregivers in India




The healthcare ecosystem in India continues to battle enormous challenges, as the surge in Covid-19 infections plays havoc in the country. To help increasing number of patients who are struggling to get proper medical counsel, Aster DM Healthcare, the leading healthcare provider in the GCC group and an emerging player in India is extending its support to Covid -19 patients and caregivers in India by facilitating free medical advisory services through video tele-consultation.  Support would be offered through Aster Volunteers, the global CSR arm programme of Aster DM Healthcare, as a medical advisory service by the Indian medical fraternity from Aster Group of Hospitals & Clinics in GCC.


The amount of misinformation has added to confusion and anxiety, therefore caregivers and patients seeking information on COVID-19 can connect with a medical professional through the Aster care helpline where specific queries about the disease will be addressed. Direct video consultation services will be provided where doctors will respond to queries as well as create awareness. The services can be availed from Sunday to Thursday between 1:30 Pm – 5: 30 Pm (IST). As the pandemic is currently also creating unease amongst parents, two separate helplines will be made available for answering Adult Patient queries & Paediatric Patient queries.


Speaking on extending support to Indian patients, Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, said, “During these turbulent times with the raging Pandemic, it is important to provide simple but authentic guidance to patients and public. While our healthcare workers are working perpetually, there is a risk of the system breaking down if too many people visit healthcare providers directly. We can avoid this by bringing proper advise to them at their home through tele consultation. As most patients recover at home with simple measures this must be the first step. Through the Aster e-Consult app we hope to make this facility available to the worried population at home and avoid people rushing to hospitals. Please use this facility provided by the experienced doctors and avoid panic rush to hospitals and clinics. Let us help fight the pandemic through avoiding overcrowding and breakdown of the healthcare system.”


Speaking about the initiative, Ms. Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, adds, “Telehealth services in Dubai were first launched to support HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to ensure a doctor for every citizen. To bolster this initiative and extend our commitment to accessible and quality care, our doctors in GCC will now be available to counsel Indian patients and caregivers in time and provide suitable medical advice.”


The surge in cases has caused anxiety, fear and panic among people, seldom being equipped with the right information. We are frequently seeing cases where patients self-medicate or follow unguided advice from the internet to treat general ailments and land up with unintended consequences. We are grateful to our medical colleagues in GCC for extending their support to reach and counsel anxious patients in addressing all their doubts and queries. The Aster COVID Support Centre along with experienced doctors will channelize patients to seek appropriate treatment as well as cease any worries”, said Dr. Harish Pillai, CEO- Aster India, Aster DM Healthcare.



  • By downloading Aster e-Consult appand selecting Covid Helpline
  • This service is meant for complimenting the existing care that would be provided by the primary physician. This helpline is not meant for any Bed or Oxygen enquiry or any support for admission in any of our Hospitals.

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