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Parents must train their children to deal with the pandemic

Fear is the formidable emotion that man faces. In this, the fear of the unknown is more pertinent, but on the other hand, the fear also enhances the self-defense of the human being in other situations except when he is not fully immobile.

There is an extensive discussion about the physical ailments caused by this pandemic that has provoked so much panic in man but it is also important to know how depressing it can be mentally. The fact that this fear can lead to many mental disorders in adults and children is not yet fully addressed. As children grow older, they think about how to protect themselves and their families from the pandemic, and on the other hand, they focus on the plight of the pandemic and other family problems. This can be reflected in children due to fear, anxiety and stress in the parents.

Different types of stress and anxiety that affect children

It can be said that the following stress and worries on young children and adolescents can affect their mood ….
– All kinds of disturbing information heard through the media along with the fear of getting the disease
– Fear of losing their family members if infected
– Lack of regular routine schedule, clarity or confusion over when to go back to school or college
– Loneliness and depression caused by a lack of communication with friends
– Lack of roaming conditions in a friend outside, games involving their own habits, hobbies and other activities or poor mental development so that sleep deprivation.
– Domestic violence at home, fights between parents or family members, so that adults show violence towards children
– Discussions on the difficulties that may arise in the event of loss of income between adults in the home
– Physical problems, mental stress caused by poor families staying away from schemes like lunch due to school closures.
– Risk of exposure to adult scams such as adult content and pornography due to spending too much time online
– Adolescents who do not tolerate loneliness, such as smoking, pan-gutka, drugs, and alcohol.
– Special situations and stress caused by longer online classes
– Attempts to marry off poor adolescent girls in case of closure of schools and other educational institutions thereby hampering education

According to Dr. K Sharmila, Senior Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Apollo Cradle & Pediatric Hospital, kids can be seen overeating or slowing down their appetite. In the case of adolescents, she said, in addition to the above, living alone without contact with family members, consuming substances such as tobacco, gutka and alcohol, and being completely addicted to digital screens can be observed. Dr.Sharmila warned that if these issues were not looked at with the right perspective and an appropriate solution found, the situation could worsen and lead to suicides.

Ordinary children like this are at risk of developing more problems in people with disabilities if they experience abnormalities. Disruptions caused by the epidemic in terms of the care they are entitled to can lead to violent and destructive acts. In addition, under the pressure of the parents to punish them severely and there is no risk of further trouble.

This type of mental anxiety in children and adolescents can lead to physical problems such as nausea, abdominal pain, infertility, headaches, and severe changes in sleep patterns, often leading to problems such as not being able to sleep during the day and staying awake all night and not following their schedule for the next day. could. That is why these problems need to be identified at the right time and resolved immediately.

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