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Onco Life Cancer Center Initiated fundraising campaign for Early Breast, Cervical Cancer Detection And Treatment In Rural Women of Maharashtra with the help of ImpactGuru

India is reeling under coronavirus and the entire country is put under lockdown. During such unprecedented times, people with comorbidities will have to be extra cautious as delaying treatment can worsen their diseases. Onco-Life Cancer Center announced a 90 days fundraising campaign with the help of ImpactGuru to help rural women who are at the risk of breast and cervical cancer, as early detection and timely treatment can be a boon for them. Mammography van will travel in every single village and the small town of Western Maharashtra to provide aid to these women. Read More: | Donate Here:

The number of breasts and cervical cancer cases is surging up in India. Since the past 10 years, Breast Cancer ranks 1st and Cervical Cancer ranks 3rd amongst the highest number of cancer occurrences in India. There is not much awareness regarding these deadly cancers, especially in the rural areas. Rural women in general refrain from getting them tested for breast and cervical cancer on time and tend to seek medical treatment only when their pain becomes unbearable.

“Various reasons such as disease fear, lack of knowledge, unawareness, financial constraints, household responsibilities, transportation issues, etc can keep them away from seeking medical treatment at the right time. Due to their ignorance and circumstances, hospitals have found that most of these women have reached to us in advanced stages with very little hope. There is a much better chance for these women to survive if they are detected in the early stages.”

Mr.Sachin Deshmukh, Managing Director of Onco Life Cancer Center said, “ Since the remote areas they reside in, add to their inconvenience in reaching us, we have decided to reach them via mammography van in every single village and the small town of Western Maharashtra. The principal motive of this initiative is to reach areas with minimal to none oncology facilities. Our aim is to reach 2500+ villages of Western Maharashtra in a span of 8 years conducting at least 90,000 – 95, 000 mammography tests, organize more than 1,30,000 – 1,50,000 pap smear tests, ovarian cancer tests and more than 3,00,000 oral examinations, free of cost. Currently, there are no mammography vans running in Western Maharashtra. We appeal to each and every citizen of India to come forward and do them but for the betterment of society by helping us raise funds for this noble cause.”
“Onco Life Cancer Centre, Satara, is one of the most advanced and affordable super-specialty cancer hospitals. The hospital has earned the reputation of being one of the most preferred hospitals for cancer treatment in Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nasik, Nagpur, and other regions of Maharashtra in terms of quality, care and treatment effectiveness. The hospital works round-the-clock to provide services to the patients. Now, it has initiated a fund-raising campaign for women in rural areas and seeks support for the same. Help us raise funds in our aim to empower these women to fight with a fair chance against Cancer.


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