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Avail Premium hotel-quarantine facility in Aster Prime Hospital

In the wake of the current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, AsterPrime Hospital has launched a special Aster Home-Quarantine Care program to enable many covid patients to be quarantined at home and treated at home. However, for those who do not have the proper facilities to quarantine at home, Aster Prime Hospital has made the premium hotel quarantine available. Fully sanitized in a four star premium hotel, the facility is available in rooms with medical amenities.
Speaking on this occasion, Mr. KT Devanand has explained that Premier Hotel – quarantine program was launched under Aster@Home, a unique home care program being implemented by Aster DM Health Care Group across the globe is set on high standards of service.

Mr. Devanand further said that this facility is introduced to serve those COVID patients who don’t have proper facilities at their residences to undergo home quarantine treatment.

Under this premium hotel-quarantine facility, the hospital will provide Daily Vitals Monitoring with trained nurses on Phone Call (Twice a day); Virtual Consultation with Doctors through Video Calling; Tele/Video monitoring of patient by experienced Nurse, Delivery of Medicines at hotel room; Dietician consultation; Self-Monitoring Guidelines Kit; etc., Further patients are provided with a special quarantine health monitoring Kit (Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, 3 Ply Marks).

Aster Prime Hospitals under Aster @ Home provide essential medical services at home with their expert staff. Similar services are provided especially for those who are suffering from chronic diseases and need medical care for a long time, such as cancer, neurological diseases, heart related diseases and kidney related diseases.

Aster Home, a dedicated home care program, specializes in nursing staff, as well as technicians, who use state-of-the-art technology for virtual consultation to help those suffering from chronic illnesses at home.

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