Nizami Food Festival @ Prana – Saradhy
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Nizami Food Festival @ Prana

“Prana”, A Multi-Cuisine Coffee Shop at Manasarovar The Fern, Hyderabad organizing The Nizami, a “NIZAMI FOOD FESTIVAL” from 16th June to 25th June’2017 during Dinner from 7 PM to 10:30 PM. to offer a delicious treat to the diners. Hyderabad has a history of continuous influx of migrants from all over the world and in general from the Indian sub-continent. Most of the foreign food had been improved to suit the culinary preferences, resulting to form the unique derivative cuisine that excels over the original. But the Hyderabadi variety has a unique and distinct taste of Nizami Food so for that matter; almost every Hyderabadi dishe is unique. But some special one mentioned here include:

Shorbas – Paya/Murgh Jhangiri/Tamater aur Jingha/Makai Badami with Sheermal Bread

Shuruat (Starters) – Talahua Machi/ Boti Kababd/Nawabi Paneer Tikka/ Arvi Aur Channa Ki Shammi / Sabzi Tarkari Tike / Lukmi

Khas Peshkash (Special Dishes) – Haleem/Hareez/Nalli Gosht/ Gosht Dalcha/ Kachi Gosht ki biryani/ Memsab Ki Biryani/Hyderabad Dum Veg Biryani/Ambada Dal/Dum Ka Murgh/Paneer Pista Korma/ Lagan Ki Sabzi / Nizami Tarkari Handi/ Bhuna Gosht/Machili ka Salan.

Behsumar Meetha (Dessets) – Kubai Ka Meetha / Dabal Ka Meetha / Gil-e-Firdaus/ Mauz Ka Meetha/ Sheer Korma, Falooda

The Nizami Buffet also contains Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Dishes Unique to Hyderabad.

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Master Chef Bhagya Raju of Manasarovar Fern has carefully crafted the menu to showcase the delicacies of this region and offer a rich food experience of. Food Festival will not only present local delicacies but also will be known for its Creativeness. Master Chef Bhagya Raju, who has rich experience in regional and international cuisine would unfold the mystic recipes along with his team.
Speaking on the occasion, “The food festival promises to delight customers with its uniqueness. The buffet is priced at INR 799 including taxes per person and the restaurant has been suitably done up with an ambience that brings the resemblances of the vibrant Nizami

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