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To redefine relationships between family members during the pandemic

The outbreak of the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdown not only completely changed the course of the world but also changed our way of life. Not only have our family patterns and behaviors changed, but so have the circumstances in which family members stay at home and spend time with their children.

It has become common for children to be seen using television sets and mobile phones while staying at home. With schools closed, playing on the street and not being able to go to playgrounds with friends, children have no choice but to watch TV and mobile. This has led to restrictions on digital usage and in many cases embarrassing situations that all parents are experiencing.

Responding to a similar situation, Dr. Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad, in response, said that with the increasing use of digital objects, parents have to constantly monitor their children’s affairs as they are concerned about the mental balance of their children. However, she said that it was not right to compare their children with other children for every little thing. She advised that every child should have their own personality and intellect and should not be punished and constantly observed without properly understanding their strengths and abilities.

On the other hand, if all the family members stay at home, the relationship between them is being redefined. On this occasion the children are going to spend more time with their family members. In addition, parents are looking for new ways to keep their children busy.

Parents can follow some tips below to keep their children on the right track ….

Trying to have a good time with the kids
Talking to them calmly and patiently so that children can talk to you without hesitation. So that children can understand the things in their minds
Trying to communicate slowly without reacting angrily as soon as something goes wrong
Encouraging them to learn new things so that they can work on various topics

Parents can do many things together with their children. However, in doing so, parents can understand what is of interest to their children through trial and error methods. By doing so, parents can not only spend time with their children but also understand and enjoy them.

That is why parents who are at home whenever they have time should spend good time with their children. Advised by Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad. She suggested that parents should not only read but also engage in activities such as playing, singing and dancing with their children. On this occasion, they should slowly engage the children in household chores and try to teach them household responsibilities as well. Finally, she said, raising children means learning something new every day.

For parents who have job responsibilities, working multiple times and maintaining the right balance with family is a stressful and difficult task. That is why in the wake of the Kovid epidemic, which is currently going on for some time, it would be a happy ending if parents could change the work from home into work in the middle of family life and spend time with their children.

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