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Stroke – second leading cause of death

by Dr. Yeshwanth Paidimarri, MBBS, MD, DM, Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and more people die because of stroke than because of other diseases put together. However, the heaviest burden incurred by stroke is not death but severe disability. The panorama gets even darker because 85% of all strokes occur in developing countries.. With limited resources for stroke care, this means that the majority of stroke patients do not have access to stroke unit care, rehabilitation, and evidence-based secondary prevention.

Stroke – second leading cause of death

Stroke is a common disorder. Every other second someone experiences a stroke and every sixth second someone dies of a stroke. Stroke spares no age, sex, ethnic origin, or country—it could be you or your beloved one. A global stroke initiative is needed to reduce the enormous human suffering and costs incurred by stroke. We must fight the old nihilism that in stroke nothing can be done. The first step in this war against stroke must focus on prevention and it is possible to recover from it, and the means how to do it.

80% of strokes may be preventable

According to medical experts, 80% of strokes may be preventable. All organs of our body work best when they have optimal blood flow, and our brain’s ability to think, regulate, and control our body.

The most effective way to reduce the burden of stroke is primary and secondary prevention along with proper controlling of risk factors such as diabetic and hypertension.

A stroke can affect anyone, at any age. About one in four people worldwide will have a stroke in his or her lifetime.   To prevent stroke, it’s vital to understand your risk factors. Some risk factors — such as age, race, gender and family history — are outside of your control. But you can control other risk factors. Healthy habits can protect and improve your brain function — which can also lower your risk for stroke.

Healthy Brain and Healthy Aging

Choices you make today can help prevent stroke and keep you mentally sharp as you age. Avoid brain problems like stroke, memory loss and difficulties with thinking and learning by taking the following actions:


  • Manage Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose & Control Cholesterol
  • Adequate sleep for 6 to 7 hours per day
  • Stop Smoking & Limit Alcohol
  • Healthy Notorious Diet
  • Monitor Cognitive Changes
  • Get Physically and Socially Active
  • Maintain Ideal Body Weight


150 Minutes of Physical Activity per week

150 Minutes of Physical Activity per week and a well balanced diet can improve memory, ability to process information (Cognition).  Research shows a brain-healthy diet is: HIGH in fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, nuts, whole grains and Low in red meats, sweets, sugar-sweetened beverages, saturated fat and cholesterol.


World Stroke Day

The World Stroke Day is observed every year on 29th October (WSD) aims at reducing the burden of stroke. The theme for the year 2020 is Join the Movement.  It asks people to get ready to dance like no-one is watching. Join the MoveMent to prevent stroke.   #1in4 could have a stroke, but being active helps to reduce our risk. That’s why organizers of World Stroke Day are asking people to Join the MoveMent and be a part of the world’s biggest dance chain on 29th October  #WorldStrokeDay

How you can join the MoveMent

Step 1 Show us your funkiest moves! Put together a dance sequence with four dance moves. You can use your own, draw on your local dance culture, or use our campaign signature moves to get you going.

Step 2 Video your dance routine on your mobile phone.

Step 3 Share your dance video on social media tagging three friends with this message. ‘I took the @WStrokeCampaign dance challenge to raise awareness of stroke and prevention. Over to you @_________ @__________ @________ Start your dance with my last move, add three of your own and tag 3 friends when you share! #1in4 #JoinTheMovement

Step 4 Keep it going!

Just Don’t Stop – Continue it

As suggested above after uploading the video, we normally tend to forget about it until next World Stroke Day.  But world stroke day message is not advising you to do it.  It is asking people to be active every day to prevent the stroke.  Thus requesting everyone to continue to live healthy life as suggested above with regular exercises healthy diet etc.

Being active, keeping you fit enough will not only prevent the risk of stroke but also help in preventing various other diseases.  Hence take the message home with a conviction that not only you but your entire family will do it thus reducing the risk of getting stroke.

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