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PNB Housing Finance supports national effort in fight against Covid-19

For its efforts in battling the devastating crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, PNB Housing Finance has allocated a sum of Rs. 5 crores for targeted solutions which will extend crucial support in order to access appropriate medical treatments and well equipped medical facilities for affected patients.
The surge in COVID-19 infections during the second wave has tested our health infrastructure
leading to shortage of hospital beds, medical supplies and oxygen. To address the shortage
of oxygen supply, PNB Housing Finance is supporting a collaborative exercise with leading
foundations to install oxygen plants around medical facilities in different parts of the country.
These oxygen plants are being put up after thorough due diligence undertaken for feasibility
and demand analysis.
In addition, PNB Housing Finance has established a simulated programme with an institute of
national influence and a start-up incubated at one of the primer institute. This programme has been greenlit by PNB Housing Finance with the setting up of two mobile ICU equipped medical facilities. These facilities are equipped to provide critical care services to Covid patients. Each of these self-contained medical units will have separate zones for testing & diagnostics,isolation of patients, intensive care and even accommodation for health personnel. As part of this programme we are establishing a 50 bed and 20 bed facilities in Delhi and Raipur respectively.
Additionally, PNB Housing Finance through its corporate foundation Pehel Foundation has
launched fully equipped free ambulance services for the Covid-19 patients. These
ambulances are equipped with lifesaving equipment including Portable ventilator, Multi
parameter patient monitor, Emergency kit, Oxygen Cylinder etc, which will enable the staff
operating the vehicle to provide medical assistance. These ambulance services will be
operating to support the immediate medical requirements of the affected communities in our society.
PNB Housing Finance Managing Director and CEO Hardayal Prasad said, “In the past 15
months, India has been confronting an unprecedented medical emergency due to Covid-19.
The existing medical infrastructure has been overwhelmed, resulting in shortage of medical
facilities. Given the severity of the second wave of coronavirus, we at PNB Housing Finance
have committed ourselves to provide help and support to assist the local communities and our frontline health workers who are working round the clock to keep people safe. Our current Covid-19 initiatives are meant to aid relief efforts and offer healthcare to those who need it the most, and mitigate the suffering of the people as best as we can.”

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