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Medium Healthcare Consulting Launches Thought Leadership Series: Pebble in the Pond

Healthcare industry, today, could take a leap of faith in redefining the way it conducts business: with a more holistic view about different stakeholders. And as we spoke, it is not to be confused either with CSR or with diluting the ‘traditional’ business goals.

Medium is pleased to launch its thought leadership series, “Pebble in the Pond”. Through this series, Medium plans to undertake a host of initiatives through panel discussions, conferences, white papers or research to address some fundamental challenges in Indian healthcare. To paraphrase what Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc said, “We aim to be the pebble in the pond that creates ripples for change.”

“We believe the time has now come to raise the bar, step out of our comfort zone and have some difficult conversations about the way healthcare is delivered and managed in the country.”, said Ratan Jalan, Managing Director, Medium Healthcare Consulting. He added,“To kickstart the initiative, we are organizinga Panel Discussion in Hyderabad with the subject being Has Medicine Lost Its Soul?And we aim to sensitize different stakeholders about the possibilities and the road ahead.”


When it comes to medicine losing its soul, we shouldn’t ‘deny’ the problem or make it look like an insignificant aberration. It is not about ‘which shade of grey’; we are not talking about pointing fingers at a particular institution or a category.

Since the panel largely represents the so-called private or corporate sector, we focus on identifying certain triggers or deciphering the ecosystem, which is fostering such a scenario; and then, suggesting a few solutions for ‘we as captains’ to adopt. In our view, we shouldn’t dwell excessively on what ‘others’ should do, be it the government, the consumer or the media.




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