Lucid Medical Diagnostics Introduces for first time in India DNA Onco Screen, Next Generation Cancer Screening Test – Saradhy
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Lucid Medical Diagnostics Introduces for first time in India DNA Onco Screen, Next Generation Cancer Screening Test

Lucid Medical Diagnostics in Collaboration with Mapmygenome heralds the paradigm shift in cancer screening with “DNA OncoScreen”, the next Generation Cancer Screening Test, assessing your genetic (DNA) and bio chemical profile. DNA Onco Screen offers a wide scope of testing across 14+ different types of cancer (and associated risk factors) that occur in the Indian population.

DNA Onco Screen™ assesses genetic predisposition to various cancers, physiological traits known to trigger cancer, and lifestyle traits linked to cancer risk. Key clinical markers associated with cancer are also tested.  Also offered are advanced packages for men and women, with a complete assessment by the doctor. All packages include genetic counselling to help understand individuals’ risk of cancer, inheritance patterns, and lifestyle changes essential to prevent cancer. These packages are the most effective, efficient, and comprehensive cancer screening tests available in the country.

Scientific experts from both the teams (Mapmygenome-Lucid) have worked together to identify key factors that influence cancer susceptibility and development. With an in-depth analysis of >300 genetic markers and >30 blood markers, the test provides a multidimensional, yet precise understanding of predictive and diagnostic parameters, for early detection, prevention and management of cancer in families.

Genomic counseling from certified experts will help clinicians and individuals interpret the reports, comprehend lifetime risk, correlate with/keep track of their body’s current status and begin a personalized action plan (diet/lifestyle/other interventions) thus taking control of their health, via holistic cancer management solutions.

Speaking on this occasion, “Lucid Diagnostics, a premier diagnostics company and Mapmygenome, a molecular diagnostics company through their alliance to advance cutting-edge, personalized and preventive medicine by combining genomics and pathology lab services will offer DNA Onco Screen™ to customers and physicians for prevention and early detection of cancers. Genetics is an important part of clinical diagnostics and we are pleased to offer these packages with Mapmygenome,” said Dr Sunitha Lingareddy, Managing Director, Lucid Diagnostics.

Later speaking on the occasion, Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome said “We are quite excited about this partnership,” said. “Combining clinical parameters with genomics makes it very compelling for physicians and consumers to get a comprehensive screen.”

The tests that were introduced for first time in India by Lucid will cost you from Rs.9999/- to 19,999/- depending upon various factors and test needs to be conducted.

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