Kya vishamparisthitiyon se jhoojhpayega Bhimrao? – Saradhy
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Kya vishamparisthitiyon se jhoojhpayega Bhimrao?


In the current track of &TV’s Ek Mahanayak, Dr B. R. Ambedkar, Sarvagya Maharaj is hellbent to defeat Bhimrao (Aayudh Bhanushali) and will go to any length to torment him. After several failed attempts, Sarvagya Maharaj now comes up with a master plan to mentally harass Bhimrao and psychs him to the extent that he loses his confidence. His motive is primarily to project Bhimrao, an emerging leader of his caste, unfit to lead his people. In doing so, Maharaj, along with Gopal, targets Bhimrao by plotting situations and people that lead to Bhim questioning himself and the villagers doubting his sanity. How will Bhimrao fight back and win people’s confidence in him in such a scenario? Jagannath Nivangune, who portrays the role of Ramji Sakpal, comments, “Bhimrao is strong-willed and not the one to give up that easily. He faces all the hurdles unflinchingly. Sarvagya Maharaj is determined to get Bhimrao ousted from the village. Earlier, he tried breaking him emotionally but failed every time. So now he resorts to mentally harassing Bhimrao. Maharaj Bhimrao ko itnabhramitkarnachahte hai taakiwoh khud kisudhkhobaithe. With Ramji’s steady belief in him and his family by his side, how will Bhimrao tackle this tricky situation and win back the confidence of his people is what will form the crux of this week’s story plot.”

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