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InnerBeing the very first company to innovative Millet Processing Facility for Ready-To-Eat Snacks

InnerBeing Company incorporated in June 2014 in Hyderabad – the Nutrition Capital of India. It is the first company to be incubated with a-IDEA, a Technology Business Incubator promoted by the Indian Council of Agri Research (ICAR) – National Institute of Agri Research & Management (NAARM).

NIFTEM has recognized IB’s outstanding contribution towards developing Innovative Products based on Millet for people who believes in living a healthy lifestyle.InnerBeing will develop innovative, ground-breaking product such as Jawar Pops, Baked Bhujia, and Baked Kurkure, Protein bars which is Gluten Free, made with Plant Protein, no added Sugar & Preservatives and rich in Fibre by utilizing NIFTEM’s R&D Facilities.

NIFTEM also have manufacturing facility which has a daily production capacity of 6 tonnes/day on two shift basis. The facility has a Nutritional Bars line (60 kg/hr), Five Layer Oven for Savoury Snacks (100 kg/hr), Snacks Extruder Line (100 kg/hr), Auto FarsanNamkeen Line (100kg/hr), Air Puffing Machine for Jowar Pops (50 kg/hr) and related  equipments including automated packaging machines.

C S Jadav, Director with InnerBeing said that “We are very pleased to secure the facility and get support from NIFTEM which also has a state of the art R&D Centre, Food Testing Lab and the relevant ecosystem for driving innovation in food processing industry. This facility will help InnerBeing to scale up its operations and launch its innovative millet based snacks products in the market by August”.

InnerBeing not only provides nourishing and natural food but also educates the consumer so that they make better choices in every aspect of their wellbeing. Learning from the ancestors, they use local ingredients like jowar, ragi and bajra, each having its own natural benefits, helping the body charge itself for the day.

However, with rising consumer interest millets have entered the retail shelves of grocery chains and kirana shops, at least in South India, Jadhav said.

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