A timely removal of the clot from 58-year-old resident saved the leg – Saradhy
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A timely removal of the clot from 58-year-old resident saved the leg

A 58-year-old resident of Mumbai named Mr. Nitin Singh (name changed), who was having heaviness and numbness of left leg for 6 months and in the last one week developed severe pain and weakness that he could not walk. He came to Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, timely and proper intervention by the doctors saved his leg and life, and the patient is back to his work now.

Life was perfect until 6 months ago Mr. Nitin Singh, who works in the airline industry, started having heaviness and numbness in the left leg. One week prior to admission he developed severe pain and weakness of the left leg such that he could not walk. He then came to Wockhardt hospital and was admitted.

Dr. Shirish Hastak, Consultant Neurologist and Group Director Neurology and Stroke – Wockhardt Hospitals said, “Initially, it was thought that he has developed left leg weakness due to a stroke but the doctor on duty informed me that his left leg was cold. So, I asked him to check the pulses in both the legs to which he said that they are absent. Immediately I asked for angiography which showed the artery blocked in both his legs (left leg- a femoral artery and right leg- popliteal). His left leg was quickly tuning cold and blue and hence the vascular surgeon, Dr. Paresh Pai was called, who immediately did a removal of the clots in both the legs. The patient recovered completely over the next two weeks. He was discharged and came for his follow up after one month at which time he was able to walk normally and joined back his work.”

Patient Nitin Singh said, “My life was miserable in the last six months which had deteriorated since last one week as I wasn’t able to move on my own. I was confined to bed and had to cut off from the outside world. I was just unable to live life the way I wanted to. My leg pain not only took a toll on my physical but mental well-being too. I became moody and anxious. But tables turned after I was admitted to Wockhardt Hospital. I thank the doctors who gave me a new lease of life. Now, I am able to stand on my feet, and walk properly.”

Thus, it is very important to pick up all the physical signs and do proper investigations and treat patients in time.


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