8-inch screwdriver was removed from man’s rectum, without performing surgery – Saradhy
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8-inch screwdriver was removed from man’s rectum, without performing surgery

Doctors at Global Hospital, Parel Mumbai successfully managed to extract the tool by using an endoscopic procedure

Mumbai 30th April 2019 : Doctors safely removed an almost 8-inch screwdriver from the rectum of a 54-year-old carpenter on Friday evening, more than 48 hours after he had used it to apply pain medication on his haemorrhoids.

On Friday evening, the doctors removed the 8-inch screwdriver from the 54-year-old carpenter’s rectum, in a safe manner without injuring the patient.

The object was lodged inside the man’s rectum for more than 48 hours, after he had used the screwdriver to apply a medical gel on his haemorrhoids.

Upon requesting anonymity, the carpenter stated that he was suffering from piles and was advised by a doctor near his construction site at Mulund to apply xylocaine gel. He said that as a carpenter, he could think of only using a screwdriver for this purpose.

On Wednesday night, the carpenter applied the medicine with the screwdriver and went to sleep. The next morning he realised that the screwdriver had travelled up his rectum but didn’t seek help out of embarrassment.

On Friday, the carpenter went to a couple of doctors, when he could no longer bear the pain. A doctor suggested him to go to Global Hospital for removal without surgery.

Doctors at the Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences in Global Hospital, Parel, removed the screwdriver endoscopically without surgery. Although it took the doctors 10 minutes to remove the screwdriver, it was a difficult task as they had to ensure that the sharp end of the screwdriver didn’t tear any anal tissues.

Dr Amit Maydeo, who heads the digestive sciences department, stated that this wasn’t the first time he witnessed patients with foreign bodies in their rectum. But it would usually be smaller objects.

Dr Maydeo said, “We normally see patients who have swallowed a clip, pin or ball-bearing that gets stuck in the rectum and requires extraction. A 20-cm screwdriver is uncommon and can cause harm to the patient as the sharp end might have lead to an internal wound.”

The challenge with lay ahead of the doctors was to carefully remove the screwdriver as was 10-12cm away from the anal opening. A special probe with a loop known as a snare was introduced alongside to complete the procedure.

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