Awareness is must to remove apprehensions over Male Infertility Men are equally responsible for having children along with Women – Saradhy
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Awareness is must to remove apprehensions over Male Infertility Men are equally responsible for having children along with Women


Women are always suspected first for not having children among couple, but it is always not correct says Dr Suvarchala Vardhan, Scientific Director, Ziva Fertility.  It is understood through various studies conducted on the issue, it is clearly understood that 40% women and 40% men are responsible for their failure in conceiving children she explained.  Only 10% of couples are having multiple reasons among themselves for not having children, she added.


Dr Suvarchala Vardhan was speaking in a awareness program organized on Male Infertility on the occasion of Father’s day being observed on 20th June across the globe.


According to Dr Suvarchala there is no proper awareness on Male Infertility in India.  She says that situation has changed now and there is a change in the situation but still more needs to be done.  She also explained that earlier if there is a problem in Sperm Generation or Sperm Strength, one is forced to go for sperm donation.  But now due to availability of modern medicinal technologies the strength of sperm, sperm count can be increased with the help of medicines and also sperm can be obtained directly from testis, she added. Dr Suvarchala also revealed that procedures like TESA/MESE/TESE are routinely offered to male patients diagnosed with azoospermia to have better chance of success. Microfluidics, Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) are also regularly used for patients with high DNA fragmentation, she said.


Dr Suvarchala also cautioned that couple facing infertility issues is initially trying to provide treatment to female partner and the same is being extended to male when it is found that there is no issue with women after prolonged testing.  She warned that this delay is leading to other issues as couple’s age is been advanced.  In order to avoid such issues due to advance of age, Dr Suvarchala advised the couple with such problems to undergo tests together thus enabling them to detect the problem as early as possible among them thus leading to early pregnancy.


Dr Suvarchala also dwelt upon several problems aroused due to COVID pandemic saying that both physical and mental stress due to lockdown, work from home are causing some concern of raising infertility levels.  Further due to raising obesity, smoking, drinking etc are also increasing risk of infertility among people, she said.  She advised that people should make changes in their life style habits to avoid such risk.


Realizing the need of having more awareness on these issues among men, Ziva Fertility is organizing several awareness programs and special medical camps.  A month long camps will provide free medical counseling and special reduced prices on testing, Dr Suvarchala revealed.  She  urged the people to utilize the same in large number.



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