Years Old Girl Suffer from Rare Medical Condition Meningo Encephalocele, – Saradhy
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 Years Old Girl Suffer from Rare Medical Condition Meningo Encephalocele,

A team of Doctor at Kohinoor Hospitals, Mumbai  led by Dr. Sanjay Helal, ENT Surgeon, gave a new lease of life to a 7-year-old girl  Akanksha from Nasik, who was suffering from a Congenital Nasal Meningoencephalocele, the disease caused by a congenital defect in skull base in the roof of the nose , which allows brain fluid to accumulate in a nasal bag called meningoencephalocele. Bag occasionally ruptures and brain fluid flows through nose. It poses a risk of contracting brain infections.  A complex and complicated Minimal invasive endoscopic surgery was performed by two surgeons at the same time through nasal using four hands technique.


Akanksha, 7 yrs old child from Nashik used to have continuous running nose since her birth. Considering this as a normal cold symptom in a child, parent neglected initially. Later she was taken to a nearby doctor and was diagnosed with a rare medical condition Meningo Encephalocele, which was a result of birth defect in her brain for which they approached Dr. Sanjay Helale, ENT Surgeon at Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai.


Dr. Sanjay Helale, ENT Surgeon, Kohinoor Hospital Said “Patient came with the diagnosis of rare medical condition Meningo Encephalocele, we suggested endoscopic skull base surgery for Akanksha almost 6 years back, when she was 1 ½; but due to some family needs her parents could not take her surgery on priority even so badly they wanted to. However, recently after 6 years, they brought Akanksha to Kohinoor Hospital and consulted again.”


“After taking the consent of parents we decided to operate her through the nose with the help of endoscope using four hands technique, where two surgeons operate the patient same time. Her brain fluid was running straight through the nose because one vital skin portion to block the fluid was missing in her brain. We used her leg skin to replace this portion and planted it successfully. Apart from being a complicated surgery, the real challenge was to operate through 7 yrs old’s tiny nasal area, and also putting her on anesthesia for 4 hours.” Adds Dr. Helale.


Mother of Akanksha said “We have developed everlasting relations with many of the Kohinoor hospital staff. Our child Akanksha showed a great fighting spirit with faster recovery. We thank all the doctor & staff who took care of our child. For the first time in her life of 7 years, she looked very happy without a running nose.”

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