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Wockhardt Hospital organized a specialized training session for 30 new mothers regarding baby care management

Experts Doctors and child educators guided new moms regarding nutrition, fitness, infant massage, and baby’s brain development at the event ‘Merries Babies Day Out’

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central. Mother and Childcare department came up with a unique and interesting initiative for new mothers. To clear their doubts regarding baby care management, the hospital organized an event ‘Merries Babies day out,’ that witnessed a good number of participations of new moms.  Present on the occasion were Dr Bharat Parmar, consultant paediatrician, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central and Dr Priyanka Bhoir, internationally trained in relaxation aqua therapy and infant massage.


A woman goes through pregnancy, labour, and then delivery. But, once she is home, she doesn’t have any idea about what should be done and avoided. With an aim to help a new mom understand baby care which can be hectic and overwhelming. To clear all the doubts of a new mom, and make her motherhood journey more exciting, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central conducted an event known as ‘Merries Babies Day Out’. Experts and child educators guided the new mothers and gave them personalized advice on nutrition, fitness, breastfeeding, sleeping, baby massages, and baby’s brain development.


Dr Bharat Parmar, consultant paediatrician, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central, highlighted, “Lots of parents feel that they are unprepared when it comes to handling the babies. But there are some steps that can help you in taking care of your new-born at home. The hospital organized a training session for a day, for more than 30 new moms. It was a valuable experience for all the new moms”.


Nowadays, due to the nuclear family, there is a lack of guidance of elderly people at home. New moms always worry about their babies’ eating pattern, sleep schedule, regarding right breastfeeding positions for the baby, correct massaging techniques, how to hold the new-born, diapering and bathing techniques.  through these interactive sessions, all the queries of the parents were addressed with effective solutions,” concluded Dr Priyanka Bhoir, internationally trained in relaxation aqua therapy and infant massage.


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