Peshawari Food Festival @ Promenade – Saradhy
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Peshawari Food Festival @ Promenade

Peshawar is a region of Pakistan known for a cuisine which is rich in taste and aroma. The cuisine has an influence of traditions and flavors of South Asia, especially Middle Eastern, Asian, Mughal, Sindh, Punjab and North Indian. Promenade at Aditya Park has brought this flavorsome cuisine to the city to delight the residents of the city through the “Peshawari Food Festival”. The festival starts on Saturday 21st January 2017 and ends at 29th January 2017 i.e. Sunday during dinner from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Award Winning Executive Chef, Aditya Park Durga Prasad, would unfold the mystic recipes. During Food Festival Mouth watering, aromatic and delicious Peshawari delicacies will be served, which one can indulge into. Savor an extensive selection of kababs, Koftas and kormas prepared in traditional lagans and degchis. The menu will include popular dishes like Aatish Boti ,laziz murgh tikka ,chatra Machchi ,Dhaniawala gosht ,Mutton Dum pukht Biryani,Murgh Badami Khorma ,Mussalam & subz begum bahaar among several others along with array of delicious desserts such as Zarda, Zak-e- shahi and many more.

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Speaking on the occasion, “The food festival promises to delight customers with its uniqueness. The buffet is priced at Rs 650 (exclusive of taxes) per person and the restaurant has been suitably done up with an ambience that brings the resemblances of the vibrant Peshawar,” said Vasanth Kumar, F&B Manager, Aditya Park. Mr. Kumar also said it is a constant effort of Aditya Park to provide different cuisines to people of Hyderabad, by conducting several food festivals at Promenade, Aditya Park. To experience the food, ambience and warmth of the North West frontier cuisine come to this Peshwari food festival where the cuisine and music are as diverse as its people. The special thing about the cuisine is that dry fruits are a special addition to the food as Peshawari food can be recognized with its ingredients. Discover the delicacies of Peshawar at Promenade – The multi-cuisine restaurant of Aditya Park, Ameerpet.

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