Our hands are not only meant for doing things,but, also are for healing various types of diseases – Saradhy
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Our hands are not only meant for doing things,but, also are for healing various types of diseases


The book written by Telugu author is already translated into three languages—Telugu, Tamil and Urdu. Soon it will be translated into Persian and many European languages


These and many more magic tips of touching fingertips revealed in a just-released book Yoga Mudras. The book titled “The Essential Yoga Mudrasa for Healing” is just released. Besides many languages, the book is also released in the Urdu language.


Soon it will be released in Persian and many European languages informed Alluri Arjun Varma, Saranga Publishing.


In an attempt to bring the Science of Yoga close to the common people, 79 years old Yoga Guru, Scholar, Teacher, Philanthropist, Dr. Aasoori Rangaraja Iyengar brought out the book, which he terms as the need of the hour especially in these circumstances. The author has done extensive research on the Science of Mudras. He visited the USA and addressed Butler University, in the USA.


Mudras have been effective in healing thousands of ailing people not just in India, but many across the world with positive results, adds the author. So Mudras are called “Drugless-Healing Mudras”. But, unfortunately, these Yoga Mudras are long forgotten and are not taught or practised in recent times. An effort has been made to research and bring a book with three hundred Mudras. This book has 15 Mudras, very prominent, useful and highly effective Mudras that can heal the most common ailments.


The purpose of the book, the author says, is to highlight effective Mudras for most common problems, which the author calls Drugless, Harmless, Healing Mudras.


Five different elements are manifested in our fingers. The thumb finger represents five elements; index finger Air, Middle finger space, ringer finger Earth and Little finger Water, he shares.


Mudras help to link the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change the mood and increase our vitality, explains the septuagenarian author.


Inside our mother’s womb, Dr Ieyngar says that we were in a yogic position called the Kukkutasana with Bramari Mudra


Each finger is impregnated with potential energies that can heal diseases of body and mind Dr. Rangarajan Iyengar writes in a 44 pager book published by Hyderabad based Saranga Publishing


Priced at Rs 149/-, the book is in English. It is also translated into many other languages, the highlight of which is Urdu. It is written so simply and easily to follow. Every page has a Mudra, a hand position captured in a captivating photograph and an explanation is given on the opposite page. It explains the Mudra, the hand position, the philosophy behind it, how to practice it and its benefits. On the whole 15 Mudras are presented in the book.


Among other languages, this book is also published in Urdu. The Urdu book is brought out on popular request especially for the benefit of women, who can’t afford to attend expensive Yoga Classes.


These 15 Mudras published in the book include 1. Jnana Mudra–Knowledge Mudra; 2. Prithvi Mudra–Mudra of Balance; 3. Apanja Mudra—Elimination and Excretion; 4. Prana Mudra–Vital Energy Mudra; 5. Vayu Mudra–The Air Mudra; 6. Akasha Mudra–The Mudra of Space; 7. Shunya Mudra –The Infinite Mudra; 8. Varuna Mudra–Mudra of Water; 9. Jalodamshaka Mudra or Jalodhar Nashak Mudra—Mudra for Water Control; 8. Apana Vayu Mudra–Mudra of Heart; 11. Dhyana Mudra–Mudra of Meditation; 12. Vyana Mudra –Circulation Mudra; 13. Linga Mudra–Thumb Mudra; 14. Shankha Mudra–The Conch Mudra and 15. Yoni Mudra–Womb Gesture


In the olden day’s health used to be in our hands. And now, it is in the hands of doctors’. The creator has given us an inbuilt sacred and secret science, our fingers. Through various postures of our fingers we can cure, heal, avoid diseases and boost our health, says the Author.

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