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Miss Supermodel Globe 2019 Was Beyond Being Just a Beauty Pageant

Miss Supermodel Globe 2019 – an international beauty pageant which began on 4th Feb and had its Grand Finale on Valentine’s Day 14 February at 6 PM at Auditorium Dilli Haat, Janakpuri.

Modelling, according to a renowned model, is not about being beautiful but creating something interesting for people to look at and think about. And when it is a global event trying to create something novel and interesting, the models have to perfect the art of presenting themselves on stage before a niche audience.

Miss Supermodel Globe 2019 – an international beauty pageant which began on 4th Feb and had its Grand Finale on Valentine’s Day 14 February at 6 PM at Auditorium Dilli Haat, Janakpuri. This Contest was not only a beauty pageant but an experience with an international exposure along with career growth in the modelling industry universally. The International Pageant was organised by Rajesh Sharma and Mukesh Sharma.

Winner for Miss Supermodel Globe 2019 was Miss Tatiana from Russia, 1st Runner up Miss Pauline from the Philippines and 2nd Runner up Miss Aditi from Nepal.

The eminent jury panel for the Grand Finale were Varun Kohli from India News Group, Dr. G D Singh, Dr. Vinod Hasal, Dr. Varun Katyal, Ms. Neeleshwari Basak and Mukesh Sharma.

The main associates for the event were Mintanine, Comedy Mirchi, Fever 104, Worldwide Institute of Grooming & Pageants, Aarti Makkar and Lakmé. Many entertaining performances were held during the rounds by Dare Dazzle Dance Company.

The Pageant is to be one of the top 6 pageants of the globe soon as the biggest organisations in respective countries have taken the franchise and will be sending their national winner. It is a global cultural exchange program, which integrate female beauty and inside beauty along with modelling career growth.

The event commenced on 4 February which is World Cancer Day, with the aim to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness about cancer through this beauty pageant. Cancer is a major barrier to sustainable development, undermining social and economic advances throughout the world, particularly in low to middle-income countries. Miss Supermodel has taken initiative for this major cause and launching an international beauty pageant on World Cancer Day which empowers business, communities and individuals across the noble cause to greater heights.

The Supermodel Globe is a prestigious model-searching platform across the globe with the tagline “Educate Men & Save Girl”.

The opening event was a sash ceremony in Gurgaon, followed by a National Gown Shoot. 6th February all the contestants were taken to Vigyan Bhawan for a session and talk on women empowerment.

Those who fail to win any titles departed 15 February followed by media interviews of the finalists on 16 February.

Rajesh Sharma added: “There is a perception that beauty competition shows only beauty, I wanted to change this perception and therefore we are launching this beauty pageant on World Cancer Day so that we can raise awareness through this pageant and motivate everyone. Everyone should move forward and contribute together to this major disease. Our aim is to move our pageant into Top 6 Pageants.”

Dr. Mukesh Sharma said: “The Beauty pageant would be a great event, showcasing a galaxy of global beauty… coordinated with talent and creativity. A gracious lady in history, Florence Nightingale known as Lady of the Lamp, had gone from bed to bed in hospitals nursing the injured, with a lamp in her hand. Mother Teresa devoted her whole life alleviating sufferings of humanity – a cause concerning society needs to be taken care of, from whatever platform it is.

Dr. Sharma has done a lot of TV shoots, 3D Animation serial and graphics internationally under his own production house Fusion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. with his creativity running advertising agency.

Dr. Sharma has been organising the international event with his vision for business and beauty & fashion. Rediffusion Media & Communications. Supermodel Globe is an initiative of this company.

Rajesh Sharma heads Real Advertising as the leading media, Advertising Marketing, Promotion, Events and Celebrity Management company and production house serving media industry for the past 25 years with its creative acumen and strategic marketing. The company has produced more than 500 Ad films, 60 corporate films, 1800 episodes on tv channels and more than 2000 events all over the world. It has successfully crossed all verticals in the world of media.

Rajesh Sharma has organized Dehradun International Film Festival for the last 5 yrs and Chandigarh Music & Film Festival from the past two years. Screening of films from Taiwan, Spain, Latin America and other countries have always been the show stealer of this event.

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