Kya iss Eid hogidehleezpaar, &TV ke ‘Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai’ mein? – Saradhy
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Kya iss Eid hogidehleezpaar, &TV ke ‘Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai’ mein?



The new moon on Eid calls for new beginnings, and the upcoming episode of & TV’s light-hearted show Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Haiis set to mesmerize the audience with the anokha bond of the Mishra’s and Mirza’s. Acchewaqtkesabse bade dushmanaur bure waqtkesabse ache dost! Inka rishtahai hi kuchalagsa. The haveli has been a constant bone of contention between the Mishra and the Mirza. And yet again, the two are at loggerheads. This squabble between Ramesh Prasad Mishra (Ambrish Bobby) and Zafar Ali Mirza (Pawan Singh) erupts when Bittu Kapoor (Anu Awasthi) ruins the wall between the two families by drilling a hole right into an antique painting in the Mishra house. The furious Mishras announce that before Eid, the Mirzas should leave the haveli, as they destroyed the pushteni painting. When Mirzas refuse to budge, the Mishras seek a grand Eid celebration to trump over the Mirzas.Ab haveli meindekhajayegakiske Eid meinhaidum?The haveli is buzzing with vivid decorations, the scent of delicious food dishes preparations and the entire festive hullabaloo. Amid the shor-sharaba, Mishra gets looted, and all his money kept aside for the festivity of Eid goes missing! On finding this, Zafar Ali Mirza quietly settles Mishra’s bills to avoid any unexpected halt to his revelry, and Eid Ki Khushi Jaari Rahe! But will Mishra ever find out of this kind gesture of the Mirza? Aurkyaiss Eid hogidehleezpaar?Pawan Singhaka Zafar Ali Mirza shares, “Eid ka tyohaar Mirza ke naam hi hoga! This Eid, the Mirza household is all set to outdo any occasion. Baatmuqabalekihai and Mirza’s won’t back down so easily. With no expenses spared, the family will decorate the haveli in full fervour, and that means the whole haveli, not just the Mirza side of it. Eid is a time to spread cheer and happiness, which the Mirza’s will do. Haveli ko dulhanbanadenge.”Ambrish Bobby,aka Ramesh Prasad Mishra, shares, “Eid ka jashnbanayenge Mishra’s bhi. Pehle painting kharaab hui aur ab paise gayab?  Daalmeinkuchkaalahai. Whether the Mishra’s lose or the Mirza’s, there is one certain thing: the plot will win the audience’s heart with its hilarity and the endless fun Mishra-Mirza banter. Join this laughter joyride with the two families again trying to outdo each other in yet another entertaining episode.”

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