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Glocal Junction is donning a new avatar in Kondapur

To cater to the needs of today’s global local, Foodlink Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd. has launched the flagship outlet of Glocal Junction, a spacious new-age hangout place in Kondapur, Hitec City, Hyderabad. The newly launched outlet will replace the existing outlet located at Banjra hills that is looking smaller for ever increasing number of guests and will cease to exist. Glocal Junction is one of the successful brands under Foodlink umbrella along with other existing brands – Bungalow 9, China Bistro and India Bistro. Glocal Junction, which denotes the exuberance the space showcases, is an idyllic place for a hangout with a spacious indoor seating area that offers a perfect setting to spend time with your dear ones. Glocal Junction is a coexistence of like-minded people who are global in their appearances yet local at heart, it connects people with that common touch. Glocal Junction is the unification of global experiences with surprise elements of local cultures, a twisted new whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

To enhance its offerings, the restaurant starts as a soothing space as the day begins and converts into a high-energy casual night spot by sundown that potentially binds together the concepts of an all-day dining and a casual lounge seamlessly. It’s an ultimate culinary destination for guests to enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or drinks, thereby offering a seamless setting for every mood and time.The food menu at Glocal Junction is an amalgamation of global cuisines with a twist of regional flavors. The food menu boasts of Jacket Potatoes with different toppings, Grills to be served with dips, salad and bhutta, peck it on dishes, and many more. Some of the scrumptious stars of the menu include doner puri, dosa waffle with chicken sukka, granny smith apple and rucola salad , Paneer Chilli pizza, Chicken Chilli pizza, Biryani Rissoto, Gongura Kodi Rissoto, mutton kheema pav, grilled veggies and many more luscious cuisines.

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The bar at Glocal Junction too has a well nurtured menu keeping in mind the fact that people in today’s time are well travelled, have good product knowledge, great sense of taste. But they are still local by heart and enjoy the desi/local fun elements, even when it comes to drinking. Glocal bar menu is a combination of all these thoughts wrapped with surprise elements of cocktail presentation; it’s a zest of international style, yet local! Some iconic highlights of the bar menu includes Glocal Long Island Tea, Black Magic, Bouquet, Thailee, Chuski, Coalition, and many more. The bar also has different menus for the different times of the day. The day menu boasts of interactive cocktails that carry a lot of storytelling with its presentation, whereas in the evening we are showcasing a quick serve menu.

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