GAAF Bangalore Edition returns to RMZ Ecoworld Gallery post lockdown hiatus – Saradhy
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GAAF Bangalore Edition returns to RMZ Ecoworld Gallery post lockdown hiatus

The Goa Affordable Art Festival (GAAF) : Bangalore Edition which was briefly paused in compliance with the government mandated lockdown is now back to showcase the works of upcoming artists across the nation until Friday, June 26. The RMZ Foundation in collaboration with the Museum of Goa will once again play host to the creative and experimental works of Sonal Varshneya, Gurjeet Singh, Christeena Shaju, Brojeswer Mondal and Manisha Agarwal among others. Re-curated by the renowned artist Subodh Kerkar, the exhibition has been recalibrated to the sensitivities of the art viewing audience in Bangalore as well as the safety guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Visitors to the gallery will be required to wear safety masks and participate in thermal scanning as well as the frequent sanitizing of hands. Allowing only five visitors at a time, the gallery space has been redesigned to incorporate arrow marks that will direct them through a one-way walkthrough experience. Individual viewing spaces have been created in such a way that social distancing can be maintained without affecting the quality of the viewing experience. Deep sanitization will be conducted twice a day and surface cleaning during two hour intervals in order to ensure the safety of all visitors.
Commenting on the revival of GAAF: Bangalore Edition, Anu Menda, Managing Trustee of the RMZ Foundation says “The GAAF Bangalore Edition is a wonderful opportunity for aficionados, first time viewers and students of art to grow with the artists in appreciating art and interpreting it. As we relaunch the exhibition post the lockdown, the safety of all our visitors and staff comes first. A combination of the WHO guidelines and the best practices followed in galleries across the world will be implemented aggressively without taking away from our visitors’ viewing experiences.”

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