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Author Kishore Nanda unveils new book ‘Because its Love’

Author, Kishore Nanda launched his new book ‘Because It’s Love’. The book shares wonderful, heart touching and emotive story about the love that arises from different situations.


The book uncovers about different forms of love around us. The book has different stories revolving around Life, Love and Relationship. It makes us believe that life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones. Nanda’s personal experiences with orphan kids, AIDs victims, cancer patients and abandoned old parents inspired him to write stories about people and life.


Highlighting the book, Author, Kishore Nanda said, “Through his book, Nanda helps you to look at life from a different perspective and appreciate it. How some situations in life connect one person from the other and then give meaning to life.”


Typically, if a book has one passage, one idea with the power to change a person’s life, that alone justifies reading it, this book has several such passages. Well, you will have to pick up the book to admire life and every accidental circumstance that helps you to understand the meaning of life. Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure or quest for power, but a quest for meaning.

About Kishore Nanda

Kishore Nanda is Hyderabad based author and qualified graduate in MBA in marketing from IIPM Hyderabad. His work ‘Because it’s love’ is based on different forms of love around us. He spent three years of hardship to complete the novel.

After completing his post-graduation, he worked in a few corporate firms. John greens ‘FAULT IN OUR STARS’ inspired him to become an author, while working he struggled to pen his work and then he decided to leave his job to become a full-time author.

In 2016, he left his job and dedicated his full time to become an author. In his quest to find a story for his novel, he did some documentaries films on orphan children, AIDS victims, cancer patients, abandoned old age parents and on stray dogs.

He spent a lot of time interviewing people for documentaries. Their stories have inspired him to write the novel ‘Because it’s love’. Every character of the book where true inspiration from his documentaries.

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