Aster Prime & Affordplan Swasth launch a healthcare savings card   – Saradhy
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Aster Prime & Affordplan Swasth launch a healthcare savings card  

Aster Prime and Affordplan Swasth launch co-branded healthcare savings card for Hyderabad residents to bring home the promise of good healthcare this Diwali season.  It was launched by Dr.G.Satish Reddy, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon & Managing Director – Aster Prime along with Mr.PRM Subramanyam, South zone Head, Afford Plan together in a small ceremony held at Aster Prime Hospital today.


Affordplan Swasth will help Aster Prime customers manage their family’s healthcare needs by accessing a comprehensive offering of financial products. Equipped with a chip-enabled card, digital wallet, goal-based savings, loans, and insurance, Swasth will extend a 360-degree access to a family seeking medical care. The Aster Prime- Affordplan Swasth launch comes just in time for Diwali.


Devanand K T, CEO of Aster Prime Hospital said, “Affordplan Swasth Card is a Diwali gift to our valuable customers.  There is a requirement for synergistic collaborations to support the customers during these testing times.  This privilege card comes with a load of benefits including instant savings, exclusive hospital offers, and rewards on shopping.  It will provide customer ease of transactions with the unique wallet driven digital process.  Over and above all these features or benefits comes at almost no cost.”


Tejbir Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of AffordPlan said, “With COVID, healthcare affordability and access have become important than ever before. The Aster Prime-AffordPlan Swasth partnership will allow more families in Hyderabad to receive quality healthcare along with savings. Swasth looks forward to partnering with many more hospitals in the city to make healthcare access more holistic and inclusive for all in the society.”


  • With ‘Swasth’ program, patients can enjoy :

    YES Bank prepaid card and digital wallet for OPD services, lab and medicines
    · Goal-based EMI savings for all IPD treatments
    · Complimentary accidental insurance for emergency procedures
    · Medical loans at 0% interest for elective procedures
    · Financial benefits in the form of instant cashback and exclusive hospital offers
    · Exclusive discounts on favorite brands through Affordplan Swasth partner tie-ups


  • Benefits to the hospital:

    Family access through the locked card giving access to more patients per card
    · Swasth card sales act as a new revenue source for your hospital
    · Creates advance cash flow and reduces discounting
    · Drives repeat usage, giving you increased customer lifetime value
    · Drives cashless and contactless payments with easy spend through QR or swipe machine
    · Effectively manages patient analytics and payment records with Swasth CRM



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