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Art speaks at Zaga Pune

Art speaks through every floor of the building at Zaga Pune as each floor is dedicated to a variety of things including Art Café & Bar, Studio Space, and Homeware. The first two floors at Zaga Pune are dedicated to the Art Café & Bar while the next two floors are dedicated to home décor, with local and foreign designers showcasing their work. The top two floors work as a studio space for artists, dancers and also functions as a co-working space for holding discussions and ideating. Here’s an insight about everything you need to know at Zaga Pune:

The Zaga café focuses on using fresh ingredients in innovative and surprising ways. With daily specials and signature favorites, it’s the perfect place to stop by for a bite and a drink from our extensive range of cocktails, beers, wines and hard liquor. Get a unique experience with their visiting artists, or book a private event.

Zaga offers a wide-ranging collection of homeware in a unique setting. Eco-friendly, handcrafted and sustainable products are available that are specially handmade with eco-friendly use of materials like dyes and has no use of plastic and long lasting/biodegradable products. Traditional methodologies like batik, dying and quilt culture methods of weaving are used where a team of designers and artists are on board to provide end to end service and customization.

Zaga provides a blank canvas that allows designing the space to best suit your event. Space can be transformed to meet your needs for a range of events from social, corporate or cultural. It could be used to host lecture series, to showcase art in a gallery setting, or even hold crafting sessions and seasonal art and craft markets. From home-made products to rural weaves, Zaga helps young new entrepreneurs and artists collaborate and sell their work and are open to international as well as local residents.

Zaga Co-work offers a design-driven open office space that stimulates the mind of every thinker and the dreamer. They have dedicated spaces for every kind of artist and creative. Co-working space is also available for budding entrepreneurs, designers and freelancers to envision create and work.

The idea behind Zaga is to become the midpoint for artists, manufacturers, and clients to come together and work on the same platform. It helps people connect and come up with different products by working together.

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