Apollo Clinics is taking stringent infection control measures amid Covid-19 – Saradhy
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Apollo Clinics is taking stringent infection control measures amid Covid-19

Apollo Clinics which is founded by the Apollo Group, aims to provide healthcare services to the general public with fully equipped to provide safe healthcare services to patients amid challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.

The physician and staff of Apollo Clinic is working with the commitment to provide the highest quality health care to patients who come to them with day-to-day health problems without fear of infection.

For the convenience and comfort of patients with health problems, Apollo Clinics aims to provide all the necessary facilities, such as Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health-Checks or a well-stocked Pharmacy.

According to the press release statements, Apollo Clinic urges WHO and ICMR, Govt of India, to comply with their stringent security standards to ensure that every visitor is 100% safe. Be confident in your security in the face of the Apollo Group taking all necessary steps to provide health services without risk of infection while facing the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic.

These ‘Family Clinics’ are fully prepared to face the challenges posed by COVID-19 to ensure safe and secure visit of patients by providing COVID – Safe and Secure Health Care Services, Strict Monitoring right from the point of entry,implementation of Infection Prevention Measures, Safety Measures during Clinical Procedures

Apollo Clinics operates more than 130 clinics in and out of the country care services. Apollo Clinics carry forward the Apollo Group’s rich legacy of 36 years of healthcare experience and the advantage of expert and quality healthcare, in friendlier and more accessible facilities.

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