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Alankritha art gallery comes up with an art exhibition in city

Alankritha art gallery comes up with an art exhibition by the name “THE TREE OF LIFE” in city. The event is to be inaugurated by Tollywood renowned Actress and film maker Jeevitha Rajashekar and Tollywood famous musician and filmaker R.P Patnaik in Madhapur. Apparently,” THE TREE OF LIFE” DEPICTS A FEMININE metaphor, where it bears all part of weight to hold upon and stand. Not only in nature, this time life is witnessed in the art work of NEERAJA KONGARA. She completed her BFA Paintings, from JNAFAU college, Hyderabad.

The TREE OF LIFE unfolds life is beautiful and colourful, within the priorities.The bright background encapsulates cheerful state. The bold line emphasises strength of a woman which it attributes to evolution. The graceful forms with rhythmic treatment of lines draws attention. She delineated ebb and flow of life through branches, birds, flora andfauna. The intricate details evoke, patience and command over outlooks in life. A stroll through the
display illuminate different forms of life coming out, where the senses combine and race to form new one, with fine composition. The breeding of life with family and nurturing it, branching out to shade and support.

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The different colours in background depicts elements of life, showing its originate, growth multiplicity, one gets to know the innocence, beauty, comprehension of the artistic treatise. Though canvases are executed through her vividly harmonious colours. Her smooth application of colours, captivate the spectator. THE TREE OF LIFE she painted are elegantly expressive of the tranquillity they project. She perceives the vastness of feminine strength from various viewpoints. The event will be taking place in their outlet in Madhapur and will continue till 5 February 2018.

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