48 Fitness to cycle along with an Israel-based Tech Giant for launching its High-Tech Fitness Solution – Saradhy
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48 Fitness to cycle along with an Israel-based Tech Giant for launching its High-Tech Fitness Solution

Bollywood’s most preferred, technologically advanced, & the luxurious fitness club, 48 Fitness, sets another milestone for the Indian fitness industry by introducing the most advanced, interactive fitness technology used by over 1000 top fitness clubs all over the world – Spivi – for the first time in Mumbai.

Spivi technology is all set to upgrade and revolutionize the indoor-cycling experience. The current indoor gym cycling exercises are notorious for being rigorously monotonous and eventually boring; Spivi on the other hand, gives the riders the realism of cycling outdoors on various virtual terrains ranging from Cappadocia in Turkey to the Snowy mountains in Denver with experiences right from Music and Virtual DJ’s, 3D simulation, Live Leaderboards, Virtual Instructors, Individual and Group Fitness Challenges, and an overall gamification overhaul of a fitness workout to an ‘Augmented and Social Training’ experience. With Different camera angles and dynamic scene lighting control Spivi provides a fun and socially connected experience.

48 Fitness, a part of Angel Wellness Private Limited, is situated in the heart of Mumbai. It enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its world-class amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. This advancement, specifically, comes as a radical diversion from traditional methods of indoor cycling and indoor group cycling.
The launch event was attended by who’s who from the world of Bollywood and Television, who showcased high regards for Spivi on being questioned about the upgrade.
Spivi makes it easy and intuitive for riders to stay in their fat burn or cardio zone through visual feedback. Simply keep pace with your virtual instructor to stay in within range of your training goals.
What makes Spivi so revolutionarily different from other regular indoor cycling is that, Spivi collects, maintains, and displays a barrage of useful data: Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Total Energy, Burned Calories, and Rank – all in real-time. It combines various analytics with personal information such as age, weight, and recorded performance history to generate a unique, real-time group simulation. Every users exercise data is stored in the Spivi app which downloaded on their mobile phone.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vijay Thakkar, Founder & CEO of Angle Wellness Private Limited said, “The Spivi technology is a hugely-anticipated industrial marvel that is raved about all over the world, and 48 Fitness is proud to house Spivi for its members to its ever-expanding list of endeavors. 48 Fitness worked round-the-clock to make Spivi a reality, for the first time in Mumbai.”
48 Fitness offers all-around versatile solutions for fitness while turning the fitness club into a fun zone. “We are always looking to improve our user’s experience, and we have hit the sweet spot again, this time with the magic of Spivi”, he concluded.

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