3.5 cm Pin Removed from 18-Year-Old Chest at Zen Hospital – Saradhy
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3.5 cm Pin Removed from 18-Year-Old Chest at Zen Hospital

Mumbai: Doctors at the Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur removed 3.5 cm pin stucked in the Lung of 18-year-old female using advance bronchoscope.

Ms. Inaya Shaikh (Name Changed) was wearing scarf and accidently she gulped pin which she kept in her mouth on 21st of Nov at Goa. She was immediately taken to nearby doctor at medical college in Goa where x ray was taken to find out the location of pin. They tried to remove pin by endoscopy but failed to remove it. Hence she was taken to another hospital but result was same. It was already 3 medical college & 2 hospitals which failed to remove the pin stucked in lung through endoscopy. A doctor at Goa hospital advised surgically removal could be an option but family denied for the same. A family had a thought of taking Ms. Shaikh to Mumbai for further treatment and reached Zen Hospital.

Dr. Arvind Kate, Pulmonologist at Zen Multispecialty Hospital said “Patient came with the x report of a pin lodged in the lung. A Pin was sharp and pointed & if not removed, it can damage to important blood vessels of heart and lung. Also there was danger of catching infection as Pin was inside body from 6 days.”

“It was very complicated situation to decide Open surgery or other invasive. As there was danger of Pin could cut while removing it through endoscopy” adds Dr Kate.

Dr. Kate Says “Removal of a sharp pin by bronchoscopy is difficult, especially if it pierces the lung parenchyma. The repeat x-ray chest after the procedure was absolutely normal.”

Dr. Roy Patankar, Director of Zen Multispecialty Hospital says, “Our skilled expert team of doctor and advanced technology helps in handling such critical cases. Our CODE Blue team is ready to handle any Emergency situation to avoid any kind of delay. People should keep in mind that in such cases ignorance can lead to complications and therefore immediate medical assistance can help to prevent the damage.”

Altaf Shaikh, Patients brother says, “Inaya is doing well without undergoing surgery. We thank Zen Hospital Team as they took this challenging case and saved my sisters life.

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